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There’s a story going round that introverts hate smalltalk and extroverts love it. Is that true? Can an extrovert dislike smalltalk?

Two people engaged in smalltalk

Of course they can! Firstly we could get stuck on the definitions of extrovert and introvert and find that many people sit in the middle of the spectrum. In…

How disturbed are you by background noise, or variations in the background noise, when you’re trying to concentrate? Have you become more (or less) aware of it in the last few months of working from home? …

People across the country are in different stages of return to work (quite possibly, across the world). There’s an emotional journey that we’re all on and we don’t yet know how it will end. How can you make returning to work easier for yourself and your team?

Emotional roller coaster of lockdown for introverts and everybody

A week into lockdown

I remember writing…

Introvert, thinking before responding.

I’ve heard introverts can be “slower to respond” than extroverts. I suspect it was meant negatively, although I’d look at it as a compliment. …

Statistically speaking you have introverts in your team and you’re not unusual if you were to think its harder to get to know the introverts and perhaps harder to get to them to interact with your team. …


Scuba diving introvert. Tackling the 33% productivity issue present in most organisations due to ignorance of introversion.

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